Gå Fallskärmskurs

Kom ut och lär dig hoppa fallskärm

Gå Fallskärmskurs

Kom ut och lär dig hoppa fallskärm

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Gå Fallskärmskurs

Kom ut och lär dig hoppa fallskärm

Lär dig packa

Förutom att lära sig hoppa fallskärm, lär du dig hur man packar en skärm

Learn to Skydive

Do you want to be a skydiver? Then you have come to the right place! At Skydive SYD many successful skydivers have had their training – from world record holders in big way formations to national champions.

We offer the latest form of training, AFF – Accelerated Free Fall.

The training starts with 4 days of theory including both theoretical and practical parts. After this you complete 10 training jumps together with instructor.

All training and jumping are done with 100% focus on safety while you can enjoy the experience of free fall.

Course Information

Course requirements

  • At least 15 years old, parents approval needed if younger than 18.
  • You must be completely healthy and have a medical examination to prove this.
  • Swedish speaking for the swedish courses 

How does it work?

The training starts with 4 days of ground training, ending with a written test. In the training there are also some practical trainings, for example how to pack your parachute.

The main courses are in swedish and its required to be able to understand/speak and read swedish.
Please sign up for the english speaking course if you are not Swedish speaking.

After successful tests and approved medical examination you are ready for your first skydive. The first three jumps will be done with two instructors that jumps with you. After this you will have one instructor for the next four jumps.

The course is completed with three solo jumps. All jumps except the last are done from an altitude of at least 3000 meters, the last jump is done from an altitude of 1000-1200 meters.

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